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Alex Shipman, Yoga Master

About Alex Shipman

Yoga • Qi Gong Instructor • Reiki Master • Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner


Alex started teaching his own eclectic mix of yoga in 1994, incorporating Bikram, Chakra yoga, and Iyengar at local fitness centers and community colleges in New Jersey before he opened his own yoga studio. Alex founded Summit Yoga Studio and healing center in Summit, NJ, in 1999. He is a 500 RYT Certified Ashtanga Teacher by Beryl-Bender Birch and appears in her video, "Power Yoga, The Practice."


As a practitioner himself, Alex was attracted to the ashtanga practice because of the cleansing and healing aspects to the body, mind and spirit (yoga “chikitsa”). Alex believes and encourages students that anyone can do yoga with the appropriate modifications. He started his Qi Gong & martial arts experience as a teenager studying Gong Fu, Judo & Karate and more recently with Aikido, Tai Chi and Bagua Quan.


Alex is a big advocate for the healing arts. He is a Reiki Master and also offers many supportive healing modalities including Chi Gong, Thai Massage, Reiki, Yuen Method (Chinese Energetics), and Metamorphosis. Alex is an Ordained Minister and also specializes in spiritually based commitment and wedding ceremonies.



Skype Name:  alex_shipman_yogi

Tel: 908-219-7100

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